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Continually growing, our Media company A1Status is dedicated in delivering to a performance unparralled. We live by the motto to be "Better than the Best", and we think our projects speak for themselves in this regard.

With over 12 years experience in web technology, our company, founded in 2007, is at the forefront of web design & development and media design & development on an international platform. We have partnered with worldwide brands and have also developed many leading projects of our own.

With a skilled workforce of knowledge in HTML, CSS, XHTML, XML, Javascript, VBScript, PHP, MYSql, Flash, VB, VBA, QB, and PSP - our Web Development team can offer every conceivable solution to any given problem.

Our other media ventures include publication in all sectors. We are constantly bringing very innovative media ideas to life. Our interests step into every aspect of the media spectrum and we would be willing to invest in an appropriate project, so feel free to contact us.

All in all - our service to you will be equipped with the highest manner both professionally and personally. We offer professional knowhow and expertise with a dash of personal charm and wit. We value all our clients and look forward to working with you.